Reflection on Jeremiah 23:1-6




And this will be his name: The Lord is our Righteousness. In that day Judah will be saved and Israel will live in safety.


Sorrow is waiting for the shepherds of God’s people, for they have destroyed and scattered the ones they were supposed to protect. God promises to pour judgement over those people, but He will gather the remnant of His scattered flock. God will gather them into His sheepfold and they will be safe and increase in number.

At the right time the Lord will raise up a king who will do what is right and just. He will be called the Lord is our Righteousness.


The Lord calls all of us, but especially leaders, to be righteous. This righteousness comes not from our own ethical standards or sense of fair play, but as a gift from the Lord.

The Lord is our Righteousness means that the Lord is our source of righteousness. He declares that us to be right on the basis of the cross. He then expects us to live right, that is, without sin.

This is a journey, a walk of one step after another. We take a few steps towards righteousness and then we stumble. But the goal is always to walk in the ways of the Lord our Righteousness.


Jesus you are the Lord my Righteousness. Thank you for declaring me to be righteous in your blood. Please lead me in the right ways so that I learn to be like you. Amen.


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