Reflection on Habakkuk 1:1-2:4



The revelation awaits its appointed time
It speaks of the end and will not prove false
Though it linger wait for it
It will certainly come and will not delay

Habakkuk calls out to the Lord and asks Him to do something about the violence and injustice he sees in the land.

The Lord replies that He is going to do something amazing. He will raise up the Babylonians to sweep across the whole earth.

The Lord tells Habakkuk to write down this revelation on tablets so that a messenger may run with it. The revelation awaits its appointed time. It will be proved true, but they are to wait for its appointed day.

Habakkuk prays about violence and injustice, but the answer he gets is not what he hoped for, God deals with things in ways that we do not expect but which are always better and much wiser than we could imagine.

The Lord tells Habakkuk to wait for the right time, the appointed time. There is a revelation, a prophetic word, a destiny for all of us. We sometimes get discouraged because the time of God’s action is not our time.

God deals in seasons and appointments. We want everything now. God works at the right time, the best time. The promised “suddenly” seems to take forever to come and then bursts into existence before our eyes.

God acts in ways that are different to our expectations and with a different timing to what we expect. We have to learn to wait and trust.

Father, you do all things well in their time. Help me to trust you even when answers seem slow in coming. Amen.


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