Reflection on Luke 16:1-13




If you have not been faithful with the dishonest wealth, who will entrust to you the true riches?”


Jesus tells a parable about a dishonest manager who is caught out misappropriating his master’s money. When confronted and required to give an account of himself, he makes his own provision. He calls in the master’s debtors and gets them to mark down the amount they owe.

The manager uses his position to gain favour with other potential employers. Jesus says that we are to act shrewdly for the kingdom, using all our physical resources to the purposes of the kingdom.

We need to be faithful with the little we have in order to be trusted with more.


This passage trips up many christians because Jesus seems to be commending fraud and dishonesty. Jesus is pointing out that the people of the world use their cunning and creativity to advance their own interests. How much more should the children of God use their possessions to advance the kingdom.

People who do not know God- and many who do- allow money to become a false god which they look to for security or identity or as a goal in itself.

We have a choice between acquiring money for its own sake or serving God’s kingdom. If we are to live for the kingdom, even our possessions must be surrendered to God’s purposes.


Father please help me to let go of my attachment to things and to trust you or all that I need. Amen.


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