Reflection on Luke 14:7-14




All who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”


At a banquet Jesus notices that people are jockeying for the best places. He tells them that it is better to choose a lower place so that the host promotes you than to choose an honoured place and have the host move you to make space for another.

It is better to give a banquet for the poor, the crippled and the lame who cannot repay you than to only invite your friends. Jesus assures us that we will receive our reward in heaven.


In a culture that relentlessly encourages self-promotion, Jesus’ teaching seems crazy. Why not put yourself out there and make people take notice of you?

The pathway of humility- being realistic about ourselves and others- is actually more productive in the long term, and certainly in the Kingdom of God.

We live not for the glory of men but for the affirmation of God. At least we should live for the affirmation of God.

Is it better to have the “Well done!” of creatures of limited senses or to have our heavenly Father who created the cosmos with a word say “Great effort!”?

It is too easy to have our goals and desires shaped by sinful people. God wants us to keep our our eyes on the goal of eternity.


Lord I understand that you are training me for an everlasting Kingdom. Please help me to set my eyes and my heart on what pleases you. Amen.


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