Stephen McAlpine: I Don’t Follow Football But I Have Football Values

I Don’t Follow Football But I Have Football Values


I don’t like football – the AFL type.  Don’t follow it.  Don’t watch it.  Don’t bet on it.  Don’t talk about it on Monday morning in the office (which would basically be a one way conversation).Fit men in tight shorts?  If I want to see that I can go to the gym.  Which I don’t want to see, I might add.

Couldn’t tell you who is second on the ladder (I know Hawthorn is top, they’re always top).   And the last Saturday of September – aka Grand Final Day – is a fantastic stress-free day to go clothes shopping. Could hardly name a player other than the obvious ones such as Nick Fyfe and Nat Nickanui .

I worked briefly as a radio journalist in my youth and part of my job was covering the AFL.  There’s nothing quite as intimidating as being a 60kg Gothic 22 year old standing holding a microphone in a post-match change room interviewing a muscle-bound Gary Ablett Snr and behemoth six foot eleven ruck man Simon Madden, completely in the buff (they were in the buff not I). I hardly knew where to look.  I knew where not to look.



So it would be weird if I didn’t follow football, didn’t care for it, but when asked in a survey what my perspective on football was, was to answer “I have football values.”

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