Turnbull’s True Colours


I don’t often blog on party political issues these days. It could be boredom or disillusionment with the political process or the gradually growing realisation that we can’t fix the nation until we fix the people.

The re-elected left-wing “Labor-lite” Liberal Government is now starting to show the disastrous path we will be walking  for the next three years. Forget about Budget repair and even moderately conservative values, it’s all soft pedalled Labor/Greens socialism until at least the next three years.

This morning Greg Hunt was on AM on ABC Radio proudly announcing that they are reversing the CSIRO cuts to climate “science” research and establishing a new climate centre in Hobart. Best of all they are spending more tax payers’ dollars on this folly.

The head of the CSIRO, Dr Larry Marshall, is looking a bit lame right now, and he should be sending his resume out looking for a job where he can make a difference. Last year he announced that since the “science is settled” we don’t need those costly scientists investigating why the climate apocalypse is not happening yet. That caused much gnashing of teeth in the climate industry, but rejoicing in the scientific circles which could now look forward to extending their own projects.

So it looks like more of the rubbish of the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd years rearing its ugly head again.

I think we can expect that the plebiscite for same sex “marriage” will have to go now to pay for the increased funding for climate “science.” The “Safe Schools” anti-hetersoexuality program will become mandatory at all schools.

And forget about the Federal Budget ever coming into balance again.




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