Flat Land Disproves Flat Earth


Last week, one of the towns I visited on my Prayer Journey was Hay, located in the south west of NSW, in the beautiful Riverina District.

Hay Shire is one of the flattest regions in the world with just 17m of elevation between the highest and lowest points. I remember  when we lived there an old farmer telling me that the land fell away to the west at a constant rate of an inch to the mile all the way to the South Australian border, about 400 km away.

As we approached the town we saw some very tall radio transmission towers, and just randomly I thought about how these towers actually prove that the earth is not flat.

That was a totally random thought although I do occasionally look at the crazy things these people post on the internet. In fact, just today I stumbled onto a conspiracy theory web-site that claims the Flat Earthers discredit the conspiracy theory movement.

So here was my thought in Hay. If the earth is flat and there is no physical horizon, they only need to build those towers to get line of sight  which is basically a little taller than the tallest tree in the plain (of which there are not many). That also made me think that if the earth was flat I should have been able to see the Great Dividing Range from the roof of my house in Hay. And at night the lights from other towns such as the city of Griffith should have been visible.

People don’t build radio towers unnecessarily tall.

Ironically, one of the flattest places on the planet proves that the planet is not flat.


Reflection on Colossians 1:15-28


Passage: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Colossians+1.15-28


He is the image of the invisible God, the first-born of all creation.


Christ is the image of God. He was before all things and created all things.

Christ is the head of His body, the church. In Him all the fullness of God dwells, and through Him God reconciled all things to Himself.

We were once far from God, but Christ brings us close, presenting us blameless and holy to God.


To understand the scope of our salvation we must understand the Saviour. Paul paints a high and exalted picture of Christ that tries to lift our vision to see who He is.

We have a tendency to see Jesus as just a man- a very good man to be sure but still just a man. We might see His death as a tragedy.

But here is the truth. Jesus was a man with all the fullness of God dwelling in Him. His death was planned from the beginning of time s the centrepiece of creation.

We get to share in this by living for Christ and sharing with others the good news of what He has done for us.


How awesome and majestic you are Lord Jesus Christ, creator and redeemer of the world. Amen.

Trent Hunter: Five Things To Ask Yourself Before You Consume Cannabis

From desiringgod.org


Five Questions to Ask Before You Consume Cannabis


Five Questions to Ask Before You Consume Cannabis

Recent trends in the direction of the full-scale legalization of marijuana suggest that pot is undergoing a dramatic marketing makeover.

One cannabis branding firm put it this way: “There is a huge untapped market here. It’s about reaching nonconsumers: women, young people, business professionals, grandmothers, and soccer moms.” Get ready: if it hasn’t already, your favorite shows soon will feature marijuana in a way that makes it feel cool — whether it’s a joint, a pot-tart, a keefcat, or a pot-brownie.

This means that Christians will need to think more carefully about marijuana than most of us have until now. Not everyone will be tempted to consume pot, but most everyone will be in a position to advise someone who is considering it.

With this in mind, here are five questions to ask before you consume pot.

Full article here

Today’s Sermon

Screenshot from 2016-07-10 15:10:55

The sermon for July 10th is now available on the New life web-site.

In this sermon, Rozina talks about how our self-beliefs and mindsets stop us from entering into all that God has for us and for succeeding generations.

To listen in your web browser click here, to download the mp3 click here.

The sermon features a Ted talk by Jo Boaler which you can watch here

Domestic Violence Not Just A Men’s Problem

Bettina Arndt is not your average men’s rights campaigner- in fact she isn’t one at all. In this article she takes aim at the Domestic Violence industry and the way it skews all debate on DV to just one perspective.

From relatingtomen.com

Why you should never give a cent to White Ribbon ~ final

Written byJasmin

The word is getting out and the ruse further exposed of the White Ribbon campaign in Australia. This  Guest Article by Bettina Arndt  published today.

For years now, all the key players in our well-orchestrated domestic violence sector have been singing from the same page, happily accepting government money to promote the idea that domestic violence is all about dangerous men terrorizing their partners. Malcolm Turnbull is on record boasting that the government is spending “hundreds of millions” of dollars on domestic violence – a tribute to the grip this powerful lobby group has on this country.

But now a few cracks are appearing. Recently an extraordinary article was published inThe Daily Telegraph, written by Nina Funnell who has built her career on being a domestic violence “survivor.”

In her article entitled: “Why you should never give a cent to White Ribbon,” Funnell took issue with the suggestion that Eddie McGuire should be required to donate $50,000 to White Ribbon as penance for his remarks about Caroline Wilson. Funnell said that she and many other survivors won’t give a cent to White Ribbon which is just a “fundraising club that made some blokes and a whole lot of politicians feel good.”

It’s just a redemption industry, suggests Funnell. “The reality is that much of White Ribbon’s $3.7 million revenue is spent on self-congratulatory feel-good talk-fests and various other empty virtue signalling initiatives.”

Very little of the White Ribbon’s “sorry money” is spent on services like domestic violence shelters says Funnell who has served on the boards of organizations supporting the shelters.

Given that such shelters continue to cry poor, it’s about time someone asked where all Turnbull’s hundreds of millions are going. The answer is not just White Ribbon but the multitude of government-funded domestic violence organizations like OurWatch, DV Connect, ANROWS, Domestic Violence Victoria. The list is endless. What started out as a sensible campaign to raise money for an important cause – providing support for battered women – has morphed into a huge propaganda industry determined to promote a simplistic male-blaming perspective on this complex social issue.

Support for the shelters gets remarkably little attention from the powerful female bureaucrats running these thriving organizations which downplay statistics demonstrating women’s role in family violence and promote the myth that the only way to tackle domestic violence is through teaching misogynist men (and boys) to behave themselves. Never mind that this flies in the face of the huge body of research showing most family violence involves aggression from both partners and that sexist attitudes are not a major risk factor for DV in Western countries like Australia.

Read the full article here


Today I visited Tenterfield on the last stage of my Prayer Journey. I travelled up Killarney Gap Road and encountered a few kangaroos along the way and a total of 6 floodways with small amounts of water over the road.

I stopped at Killarney Gap for a photo, reminiscing my summer bike rides there.


2016-07-08 07.32.00-2

The drive past Killarney Gap was marked by fog as well as the water courses. The fog was patchy but persisted to Glen Innes. Tenterfield itself was quite warm and sunny.


2016-07-08 12.49.48

2016-07-08 12.49.19

Tenterfield is a very historical town with many old buildings. It is known as one of the birth places of Federation with Henry Parkes making a famous speech at the Tenterfield School of Arts. It is also known as the birth place of singer Peter Allen.

Once again, I prayed God’s blessing on the town. I declared that, although it was famous for its past contributions to the nation, its best days are yet to come. As in many places, the denominational churches are in transition with some older churches having closed in recent years. I prayed that Tenterfield would see a revival that will bring Christ to the centre of the town.

Just out of Tenterfield is this stunning rock


That concludes my Prayer Journey. In 5 days I travelled a total of 3,200 km. The area enclosed by the four towns I visited is about 400,000 square kilometres or about half of the state. I didn’t do this to have a crazy road trip but simply to obey God.

Reflection on Luke 10:25-37


Passage: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke+10.25-37


But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbour?”


An expert in the Law asks Jesus what he must do to be saved. Jesus says to him, “You tell me. What does the Law say?” The man replies that the commandment is to love the Lord and to love your neighbour as yourself.

Jesus tells him that if he does this he will have eternal life. But the man wants to justify himself so he asks “Who is my neighbour?”

Jesus then tells the well-known story of the Good Samaritan to explain that the neighbour is everyone we might see in need. Jesus tells the man to do the same as the Samaritan.


The lawyer’s root problem is that he wanted to justify himself, and Jesus would not allow this. He will not allow us to justify ourselves precisely because this covers up our sinful nature which must be brought to Christ for crucifixion.

In the story it is not the religious men who are justified, but the despised Samaritan who shows compassion to a robbery victim.

Good deeds do not make us right with God. However selfless love is a sign that we have moved from a place of self-righteousness to a position of God-righteousness.

While ever we are in a state of wanting to justify ourselves we can never be in a place where God is able to justify us.


Father I confess my tendency to want to justify myself. I confess that this is sin and I ask you to grant me the grace to repent of this in order to receive your justification. Amen.