Flat Land Disproves Flat Earth


Last week, one of the towns I visited on my Prayer Journey was Hay, located in the south west of NSW, in the beautiful Riverina District.

Hay Shire is one of the flattest regions in the world with just 17m of elevation between the highest and lowest points. I remember  when we lived there an old farmer telling me that the land fell away to the west at a constant rate of an inch to the mile all the way to the South Australian border, about 400 km away.

As we approached the town we saw some very tall radio transmission towers, and just randomly I thought about how these towers actually prove that the earth is not flat.

That was a totally random thought although I do occasionally look at the crazy things these people post on the internet. In fact, just today I stumbled onto a conspiracy theory web-site that claims the Flat Earthers discredit the conspiracy theory movement.

So here was my thought in Hay. If the earth is flat and there is no physical horizon, they only need to build those towers to get line of sight  which is basically a little taller than the tallest tree in the plain (of which there are not many). That also made me think that if the earth was flat I should have been able to see the Great Dividing Range from the roof of my house in Hay. And at night the lights from other towns such as the city of Griffith should have been visible.

People don’t build radio towers unnecessarily tall.

Ironically, one of the flattest places on the planet proves that the planet is not flat.


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