Today I visited Tenterfield on the last stage of my Prayer Journey. I travelled up Killarney Gap Road and encountered a few kangaroos along the way and a total of 6 floodways with small amounts of water over the road.

I stopped at Killarney Gap for a photo, reminiscing my summer bike rides there.


2016-07-08 07.32.00-2

The drive past Killarney Gap was marked by fog as well as the water courses. The fog was patchy but persisted to Glen Innes. Tenterfield itself was quite warm and sunny.


2016-07-08 12.49.48

2016-07-08 12.49.19

Tenterfield is a very historical town with many old buildings. It is known as one of the birth places of Federation with Henry Parkes making a famous speech at the Tenterfield School of Arts. It is also known as the birth place of singer Peter Allen.

Once again, I prayed God’s blessing on the town. I declared that, although it was famous for its past contributions to the nation, its best days are yet to come. As in many places, the denominational churches are in transition with some older churches having closed in recent years. I prayed that Tenterfield would see a revival that will bring Christ to the centre of the town.

Just out of Tenterfield is this stunning rock


That concludes my Prayer Journey. In 5 days I travelled a total of 3,200 km. The area enclosed by the four towns I visited is about 400,000 square kilometres or about half of the state. I didn’t do this to have a crazy road trip but simply to obey God.


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