Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga is the biggest inland city in NSW with a population of 55,000. This compares to its rival Tamworth which is not far behind at 47,000. The south-eastern point of our prayer journey is only 3 hours drive from Hay, so it was an easier day.

We went up to the scenic lookout to look over the city and pray

Once again I prayed for God’s blessing on this city, for the churches to be blessed and for people to turn to Jesus. I thanked God that this city has been a blessing to the Riverina district and I prayed that it would become a beacon of hope for the nation.

When I was at theological college I came to Wagga Wagga for a summer of field education. It was an interesting time. We stayed next to the Turvey Park church in a house which was condemned by the Parish, although it is still standing nearly 30 years later.



The church building was sold to the Coptic Orthodox Church which apparently has huge dioceses.


Tonight we are sleeping in Parkes and should get home about lunch time tomorrow. This will give me time to catch up on some things before completing my Prayer Journey with a day trip to the north-eastern point.


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