IMG_8397We left Narrabri at 7.30 this morning and drove through rain nearly all the way to Hay, some 800 km away.

Hay was where we started ministry in 1984. We lived in this house which is 100 years old now and is being restored.


Hay has always been a unique place due to its isolation. All through the 20th century its population was stable at 3000. However the Murray-Darling Basin Plan ripped the heart out of the irrigation industry and the town is now down to 2500 people.

When we lived here, Hay still aspired to being a cathedral city. The Anglican church was designated a pro-cathedral and a residence for a bishop was built in the 1800s. The diocese was eventually centred in the much bigger city of Griffith and now the former pro-cathedral is falling down.


The Baptist church looks quite well-maintained.


The railway station is a grand building as befitted the terminus station. Trains no longer come to Hay, but the buildings are well used by the community.


In the park opposite our former home I prayed an apostolic blessing on this town. I prayed for the Lord to restore its former grandeur, to place back the population ripped out of it by poor Government decisions and for all the churches in the town to be filled with people.

Tomorrow is a shorter drive, so a much more relaxed day.


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