Praying Medic: Seeing In The Spirit Made Simple

seeing-in-the spirit

Many Christians assent to the reality of miracles, dreams and visions and other supernatural encounters with Jesus. Yet the vast majority rarely move in these things. Often God seems to be at a distance or only understood at the level of the mind.

Part of the reason for this is bad teaching (“The gifts are not for today.”) or bad practice which suggests that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are rarely given and only to a few special “men of God.”

This book written anonymously by a paramedic dispels this notion. Praying Medic prays often with his patients on the way to hospital and sees many of them healed. Often he employs a process he calls “seeing in the spirit” which is visualising what God is doing in the present situation.

This book is really easy to read and simply written. It encourages the reader to step out in faith and to use their “spiritual eyes” as a part of their prayer life. A number of exercises are given to help this process along.




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