Reflection on 2 Kings 2:1-14




Elisha struck the water with Elijah’s cloak and cried out, “Where is the Lord, the God of Elijah?” Then the river divided, and Elisha went across.


Elijah and Elisha travel to some of the key places in Israel. At each place, Elijah tells Elisha to stay while he travels on, but Elisha is determined to follow Elijah.

At each place, the local prophetic community come and tell Elisha that the Lord is going to take Elijah away that day.

Elijah and Elisha cross the Jordan near Jericho. Elijah asks Elisha what he can do for him. Elisha asks for a double portion of the Spirit that is on Elisha. Suddenly a chariot of fire appears, and Elijah is taken up in a whirlwind.

Elisha takes up Elijah’s cloak and crossed the Jordan.


This is a story about spiritual sonship. Elisha, the son to Elijah, is determined to walk with Elijah to the end. Nothing will deter him. When asked what he wants from Elijah, Elisha asks for a double portion of the Spirit that is on Elijah- this is the language of inheritance not of arithmetic.

Everyone needs a spiritual father- someone whom they can love and learn from, serve and walk with. Out orphan society, in its obsession with individual fulfilment, misses the point that our biggest joys come in close relationships.

Elisha received the “double portion” and the cloak of authority precisely because of his love and commitment to Elijah.


Lord help me to be a son/daughter to a spiritual father. May I walk in the grace of passionate commitment to the people you place me in relationship with. Amen.


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