Dear Sons…

In the United States this week a particularly nasty sexual assault case has made headlines. A young woman was raped but had the courage to confront her rapist in court. The rapist’s father called for leniency in a way that made it clear that the perpetrator was his father’s son, and the young criminal was sentenced to just 6 months prison time, where the standard is more like 10 years.

Ann Voskamp writes a powerful letter to her own sons encouraging them to be real men.

Dear Sons,

When you’re the mother of four sons,the Stanford rape case— it’s not about somebody else… it’s about us.

Let’s be real clear, boys — I’m never writing you a letter like the father of Brock Turner, defending any sexual assault of a horrifically traumatized young woman as merely as “20 minutes of action.”

Rape is not “20 minutes of action” — it’s a violent act with lifetime consequences and it’s time for parents to takefar less than 20 minutes of actionand stand up right now and say hard things to our sons right now before it’s too late.

The Stanford rape case is about having a conversation with sons about hard things and asking sons to do holy things.

Read the full article at Ann’s blog


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