Reflection on Romans 5:1-5

Read passage:

Therefore, since we are justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have been justified by faith and that brings with it peace with God. Jesus has given us access to this grace.

We can boast in our hope of glory, but Paul tells us also to boast in our sufferings. Suffering produces endurance, character and hope. Our hope is in God’s love poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

When we come to God we come with nothing. God is not interested in our money, talents and achievements, not even those we direct towards Him.

The only human trait that can influence God is our faith- our ability to trust that He loves us and wants to be in relationship with us.

With faith in the blood of Christ we can know peace with God the Father. Through Christ’s blood all my sins are washed away and all the power of satan is blown away like chaff.

Faith is a little thing- tinier than a seed. But when directed to God it moves the mountain of sin that separates us from Him. Instead of being at war with Him, we experience His peace, grace and love.

Lord, I thank you for your love for me. Thank you for the blood of Christ that washes me clean from all sin. Amen.


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