Hyperloop Train System Passes Test

Exciting new transport technology. I wonder if it will actually work in real life.

From the ABC.

Hyperloop One’s magnet-powered sled hits 160kph in breakthrough test of future train system

Updatedabout an hour ago

GIF: Hyperloop One acceleration test hits 160km/h at 2.5G

A car-sized sled powered by electromagnets has rocketed to more than 160 kilometres per hour through the Nevada desert in what the Los Angeles company developing the technology said was the first successful test of a futurist transit system called hyperloop.

Key points:

  • Developers say system will transport passengers by 2021
  • Sceptics say construction costs are underestimated
  • Hyperloop One already has raised $80 million from backers

Hyperloop One is among several companies competing to bring to life a technical vision by Elon Musk, the founder of rocket maker SpaceX and electric car company Tesla Motors, who suggested sending pods holding passengers and cargo inside giant vacuum tubes between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

It is a matter of debate how soon — or whether — passengers and cargo will ride the system at velocities approaching 1,200 kilometres per hour, but Hyperloop One has already raised $80 million from backers including clean technology venture capitalist Khosla Ventures, high-speed railway SNCF, the French National Rail Company and GE Ventures.

Brogan BamBrogan, a former SpaceX engineer who co-founded Hyperloop One, called the test a major milestone.

“Technology development testing can be a tricky beast,” he said to a crowd of 300.

“You never know on a given day if things are going to work exactly like you want.”

The sled began on a train track and then was rocketed to 168 kilometres per hour by electromagnets as electricity was shot into copper coils. After a short ride, the sled ran into a sand trap, sending out silicon sprays. If all goes according to plan, sleds will levitate and carry pods in a test later this year.

Gigantic tubes are already scattered around the Las Vegas area test site.

Read the full story here


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