During our last Prayer Weekend, the Lord gave me this word for our church

Transition- a process of moving from one condition or state to another.

This is transition time, the butterfly is emerging. It is difficult, tough, confronting, uncomfortable and more.

There is a destination in view. That is the point of transition. It is not chaos for the sake of chaos.

The transition is not a change in structure, but a change in perception of the Lord. We are going to learn to hear the voice of the Lord, how to see what He is doing so that we can join in.

This is why it feels like there is so much passive resistance again. The enemy has amplified the chaos in people’s minds and blinded them to the destination.

We are walking through sand like in a desert. It is hard going, but we must keep going until the journey is done and we get to the green fertile valley.

Don’t be afraid. My rod and staff will comfort you in the journey.


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