Reflection on Revelation 21:22-22:7


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See! I am coming soon! Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.”


John describes the new Jerusalem.

In the new Jerusalem the presence of God is so strong that there is no need for a light such as the sun and moon because the glory of God lights the city.

The nations will walk by the light of the city and kings will come to bring their glory to it. Nothing unclean can come into the city, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

The river of life flows from the throne of God and the tree of life grows on both sides of the river. The tree bears fruit all year long, and its leaves bring healing to the nations.


Our first impulse is to read this passage as relating to the end times. In one sense this is true, but we need to see that this city is on earth not in heaven and it is here and now not in the future.

The city represents the church, the body of believers around the world. The light of the glory of God shines from us into the world. We are the temple of God and so there is no need for a physical temple. The river of life flows from us into the world bringing life and healing to all who will receive Christ.

Wherever I am today is somehow a part of God’s plan of transforming the world by bringing people into a living relationship with Him.

And this is now, not one day in the future.


Lord you have called me into your glorious kingdom through the death and resurrection of your dear Son. Let your glory shine through me into the nations. Amen.


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