Reflection on Acts 16:9-15


Read passage: Acts 16.9-15

When he had seen the vision, we immediately turned to cross over to Macedonia, being convinced that God had called us to proclaim the good news to them.

Paul and his apostolic band are travelling, but, as they attempt to go to various places, the Holy Spirit blocks them. Then Paul has a vision in the night, seeing a Macedonian man pleading with him to come to them.

The group travels to Macedonia, ending up in Philippi, a leading city in the region. On the Sabbath they go to the river bank expecting to find a gathering place for the Jews. There they find some women meeting for prayers. They share the good news with them and at least one of them, Lydia, is saved. She and her household are baptised.

It is clear from the text that the Holy Spirit was determined that Paul travels to Philippi, resisting other plans that Paul has. When he goes to the place directed by the Spirit, the ministry there is fruitful.

There are many times when God allows us to make decisions based on our own wisdom and thinking. There are other times when the Lord narrows down our options until we pick the way he wants us to go.

All of our planning and deciding needs to be done in sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. The bigger the decision, the more we need to pray and listen for the still small voice.

Help me Lord to grow in sensitivity to your voice. Amen


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