Panama, Jerusalem and Heaven


The leak of millions of documents from a law firm in the Central American country of Panama has a lot of people worried. The company, Mossack Fonseca, specialises in helping clients set up companies in other countries.There is nothing illegal in that, of course, but it is possible that wealthy individuals have been breaking laws in their own nations by using these companies to avoid tax.

The interesting thing about this is that it shows how difficult it is to keep secrets in our modern technologically driven culture. It is not yet clear whether the leak was an inside job or whether hackers from outside the company illegally obtained the data.

There are people around who sincerely believe that there are people who have hidden, virtually unlimited power and are really the ones who control world events. Maybe we want to believe that in all the chaos and unpredictability of life that somebody somewhere is in control- whether it is the Illuminati, the Rosthschilds, the Queen (seriously).

There are huge problems with such theories, of course. While it may have been credible to believe that some secretive group in Europe or the United States controlled governments and economies when wealth was essentially concentrated in a handful of countries, the rise of China, India and other Asian nations has effectively spread wealth globally and makes such control unlikely.

Of course there is an organisation that spreads across all national borders. Maybe the Pope is the one who pulls the strings. The huge bureaucracy of the Catholic Church, its assets and its high ideals does suggest that it could be disciplined enough to control governments around the world. In fact during the Middle Ages it was the church that controlled princes and kings at least in Europe. Yet, as a world power the church seems particularly ineffective, at least in its signature issues such as abortion and same sex “marriage.”

No, to look at who really controls the world we have to look higher. No human organisation can pull the strings of human events.

God himself manages to walk a fine line between being sovereign and allowing people to have free will. He has a kingdom, but it is not like a worldly kingdom. This king seeks to rule by persuasion and allowing people to reap the consequences of their actions, both good and bad.

History is “His story”- God’s story in the world. From the time of creation, man’s first rejection of God, right through to Christ’s death on the cross clearing the way for reconciliation of people to God, it has all been about God’s love for the world.

Now we see something remarkable happening- an exponential growth all around the world of people who claim to follow Jesus. Some statisticians believe that the number of people becoming christians each day is more than twice the number of people who are born each day. Not only is God’s kingdom growing in numbers it is growing as a percentage of the world’s population.

Conspiracy theories are rooted in fear- fear that there is someone with hidden but unlimited power. But reality is rooted in faith- faith in the living God who loves us and has died for us, and really does have unlimited power.


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