Reflection on Luke 18:28-40





As he was now approaching the Mount of Olives the whole multitude of the disciples began to praise God joyfully with a loud voice for all the deeds of power that they had seen.



Jesus heads towards Jerusalem. At the mount of Olives He sends two disciples to the village to fetch a colt. If they are challenged they are to simply say “The Lord has need of it.” They find it just as Jesus had said.


They bring the colt to Jesus and He sits on it. The crowd spread their cloaks on the road and the disciples start to praise God aloud.


The Pharisees tell Jesus to order the disciples to stop, but He says if they are silent the stones would shout out.



The “multitude of the disciples” praise God for the “deeds of power that they had seen”


A multitude of disciples praising God. Not just a few of the close associates, but a multitude of disciples, a crowd.


In our increasingly secular and anti-christian culture, we can feel isolated at times. But we are a part of a multitude, a growing crowd of followers of Jesus who have seen His deeds of power and rejoice in Him.


Do not be afraid to publicly proclaim His praise.



Lord I thank you for the deeds of power you have worked in my life. Help me to praise you in all that I do and to lift high the name of Jesus everywhere I go. Amen.




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