Karina Kreminski: Four Everyday Disciplines You Must Have to Experience Community

We talk a lot about community at New Life, but what do we need to change to become a community that makes people outside say, “I want to be like that”?

Karina Kreminski writes:At

Four Everyday Disciplines You Must Have to Experience Community


I’m tired of Christians using the word community without meaning it.

As I said before:

“I think the church must display an even deeper expression of community in our world. We are after all, a community which is modeled in some sense on the God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We can offer a manifestation of community which is counter to the false narratives of our world, shaped by reign of God values and led by a people of God who practice embodied love towards others. Why are we so slow to present this to our world? I’m not saying that there are not any churches which do community well. Maybe your church is one of those. But do I see churches courageously practicing the alternate values of the kingdom of God which create authentic Christ-centered spiritual community? Do I see the church leading in our society by building true community? Not really.”

There are impediments to building community, so we need disciplines that we can cultivate in our lives which help us to build community.

Community should not be romanticized, it is difficult and sometimes even an unpleasant work to nurture community when the kingdom of God is our inspiration and rubric. Instead, it involves engaging in regular practices which commit us to more seemingly ordinary things. I think that as we practice these ordinary disciplines, we will see the extraordinary take shape as the Spirit of God moulds his people towards true community.

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