Reflection on Philippians 3:1-14




I press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call in God in Christ Jesus.


Paul tells us to beware of the mutilators of the flesh, those who trust in circumcision rather than in Christ. Paul is the peak of Jewishness and if anyone had reason to trust in the flesh it was him.

Now whatever gains he had he counts them all but loss. Everything is rubbish compared with the surpassing value of knowing Christ. His one goal now is to know Christ and the power of His resurrection. He has not yet achieved this but he presses on towards the goal for the prize of knowing Christ.


For Paul there was only one thing in life worth pursuing- a closer relationship with Christ.

Many people are seduced into believing that we can share worldly goals as well as godly goals. As Christians our focus must always be on Christ and Him alone.

Our work must be to glorify God. Our home life and social life must equally be avenues for pursuing Christ.

This means that we are not free to do what pleases us. In everything Christ calls the shots. It is not good enough to plan our own destiny and ask for God to bless it.

A football player who presses towards the goal is not free to pursue his own game. He is part of a team under the direction of a captain and a coach. In the same way, our lives must be subject in every way to he direction of the Holy Spirit, Otherwise we will miss our goal- fellowship with God.


Lord help me to press towards the goal of communion with you. May I not be distracted by the things of this world, but rather let me be always focussed on you. Amen.


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