Great Ocean Road Adventure- Part 5

We left the station and went to the motel where I was able to shower, get changed and start to feel human again. Having finished the bike ride, Tuesday afternoon was down time. Time to hit the beach!





The water here is the Southern Ocean the great body of water that circulates Antarctica. It has a distinctively cold feel to it even in winter. This was another step in my life-time bucket list of entering all of the world’s oceans- only one to go.

Wednesday we started the long trek home. we passed through Ballarat where we stopped to visit our friends Rodney and Daphne Samuels.

We reached the historic town of Echuca on the mighty Murray River early in the afternoon. In the 18th century, steam boat travel was a vital means of transport through inland parts of Australia. Great-Ocean-Road-Adventure-38

From Echuca, we headed north to Hay, our overnight stop. We were keen to catch up with an old friend from our days in Hay (1984-87), David Houston. David is a grazier and staunch supporter of the church and community. He has been involved with the Dunera Museum which commemorates the POW and internment camps in Hay in the Second World War, and we thought if we went there we might find him. Sadly he wasn’t to be found.

We did a tour of Hay and found our old house and the park across the road, which had been a regular haunt when the boys were little.



We checked into the motel, right next door to the Uniting Church, and went for a walk. I looked into the church, surprised to find some activity there. The local choir were having a practice session, and who should turn up but David!


David isn’t officially a  pastor, but he has overseen the church for decades. When we were there, many Presbyterians had remained separate from the Uniting Church, although David had crossed over. Since that time the Presbyterian Church has closed down, and most of the remaining people joined the Uniting.  Apparently the Presbyterian building is falling down, as is the Anglican Church (once called the pro-Cathedral), and there is a high probability that the Anglicans will combine with the Uniting Church. David is trying to find a way to ensure the future of the church for succeeding generations.

Thursday we proceeded across the Hay Plains (described in the tourist brochures as one of the flattest places on earth) to West Wyalong and then to Parkes. Unfortunately the Dish was not available for playing cricket.


We arrived home in time for dinner and concluded the adventure by watching the movie “The Dish” as you do.

The Adventure was over.


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