Great Ocean Road Adventure Part 3

Day 2 of the ride was the one I was most worried about, although some of the old hands claimed it was easier than Day 1, being only 90 km long. The problem was that there was a big hill in the way, Lavers Hill.

As you leave Apollo Bay you travel through upwardly undulating country and end up in the valley of the Calder River which is very pretty. It is rich dairying land.

Just as you are starting to think “This isn’t too bad”, the climb gets serious.I had prepared for this by several runs up to Killarney Gap, but still found it hard going. For parts of the ride up I had to walk. It felt like my legs had no strength for the climb.

Eventually I reached the summit. The good news was that what goes up must come down again, and much of the rest of the ride was down hill. We had been warned to be careful as it is very easy to ride beyond your capability and that of your bike, resulting in nasty injuries.

The lunch break was at the Twelve Apostles, where we took various group photos.



The place was very busy with many people of Asian origin. We realised later that it was Chinese New Year. This meant that everything seemed to take a long time- the result was that I and several other riders got sunburnt.

Tim and Philip took advantage of a helicopter joy ride and flew over the ocean to get close up to the apostles and other features of the rugged coastline.

Despite the throngs, it was a relaxed stop. We still had to travel another 10 km to our accommodation at Port Campbell, but that was a quick ride on mainly flat country.


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