Reflection on Luke 4:21-30



Truly no prophet is accepted in his home town.”


In the synagogue in Nazareth, Jesus reads from the prophet Isaiah and then announces that this Scripture has been fulfilled. The people are amazed at His words.

Jesus then goes on to say that they will want to see a sign like the miracles He performed in Capernaum. He says that no prophet is accepted in his home town and gives examples from scripture where it was Gentiles who were healed not Israelites.

This infuriates the people, and they drive Him to the top of a hill to throw Him over the cliff. But Jesus just passes though them and continues on His way.


The reaction of the people in Jesus’ home town seems extreme. From approval they move quickly to deadly rage. I believe that this must have had some kind of demonic origin in order to stir up such rage.

Part of the problem is that Jesus did not fit into the box of their expectations of the Messiah. They wanted miracles on demand, but He refused to play their game.

God never fits into our expectations. We want Him safely locked into a box to be pulled out when required. But God is bigger than our boxes, and His plans are more comprehensive than we can imagine.


Lord please help me to pull back from putting demands and limitations on you. Amen.


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