Reflection on 1 Corinthians 12:12-31



Now you are the body of Christ, and individually members of it.


We have a body that has many parts but is just one body. In the same way, the church is made of many different kinds of people baptised into it and united by the one Spirit.

If a human body was all one part, it would be less for that. In fact it would not work at all. If the body were just an eye, it could not hear or smell.

In the same way every part of the Body of Christ, every member, is essential to it.

God appoints different roles and responsibilities to different individuals, but we are all parts of the same Body, put there by God.


There are no unnecessary people in God’s church. We are all needed.

Sometimes it’s hard to work out where we fit, and it might even feel like we don’t fit at all. Yet, the Bible tells us we have a part to play in God’s mission in the world.

Equally we should not envy the gifts or ministries of other people, as if they are more important than we are.

Our bodies work because ultimately every part takes its cue from the head. The Body of Christ works best when every part takes its orders from the head, that is Christ.


Lord, please help me to hear your voice so that I can understand who I am in you and where I best serve you in your Body. Amen.


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