Reflection on Acts 8:4-17



Then Peter and John laid hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.


Philip goes to Samaria and preaches the Good News. The crowds listen eagerly to the message which is backed up with great signs of healing and deliverance.

In that city, a practitioner of magic named Simon has a huge following. Many of his followers become christians and are baptised. Simon himself is saved and stays constantly at Philip’s side.

The apostles send Peter and John to investigate what is happening in Samaria. They discover that none of the converts has received the Holy Spirit, so they lay hands on them.


Many christians have an incomplete experience of God. They may have received Jesus but the Holy Spirit remains a stranger to them.

It is not enough to simply ask Jesus into your heart. We need the fullness of the Holy Spirit to fulfil the calling that God has for us and to simply live out the christian life.

The Samaritans received Jesus, but until the apostles came and laid hands on them, they lacked power. Philip was doing the preaching, healing and demon removal. But after they received the Holy Spirit, the power of God was unleashed in every believer.


Holy Spirit come and fill me. Baptise me and release your power in me. Amen.


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