Reflection on Luke 3:7-18



John answered them, “I baptise you with water, but one more powerful than I will come, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptise you with Holy Spirit and with fire.”


John’s message of repentance was very strong, but it was necessary to break through religious self-righteousness The people are to produce fruits of repentance in changed lives. It is no longer enough to claim to be children of Abraham.

People ask what they are to do. Those with spare clothes should give to those who have none. Tax collectors are to take only what is due to them. Soldiers must be content with their pay.

The Messiah is coming and He will baptise with Holy Spirit and with fire. Judgement is coming, and they need to get ready.


We don’t like thinking about sin and judgement, but both are real.

We need to be realistic about our relationship with the Lord.

Everyone sins and so everyone is at the risk of judgement. We need to be saved from the harvest of our own wrong doing.

Like a man thrown overboard in the middle of the ocean, we cannot save ourselves.

But Jesus reaches down and brings the promise of forgiveness, if only we will accept the gift. Then our lives are changed and our salvation assured.


Thank you Father for the gift of salvation. I could not rescue myself, but in Jesus you reached down and rescued me. Amen.


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