Reflection on Philippians 1:1-11



I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion on the day of Jesus Christ.


Paul says that he thanks God for the church in Philippi with joy in all of his prayers for them. He is confident that the Lord, having begun a good work in them, will bring it to completion.

Paul longs for all of them with the compassion of Christ. His prayer is that they overflow with love, together with knowledge and insight. Then they will produce a harvest of righteousness through Christ for the glory and praise of God,


Paul’s affection for the christians at Philippi is evident here. He clearly rejoices in their faith in Christ,

I feel like Paul in respect to my own church. When I pray for the people n my church it is always with great joy.

For some people praying can be a chore or a duty. But when we are praying for people we love, it is a joy, a pleasure.

One of the mysteries of prayer is that when we pray for people our love for them increases. At first we may do this out of a sense of duty, but as we consistently lay them before the Lord our love increases and it becomes a joy to pray.


Lord please help me to be faithful in prayer. Give me joy in praying for the people I know. Amen.


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