Will Our Elites Wake Up Now?


At least 160 people dead in multiple terrorist attacks in Paris.

Six terrorists have been killed, but we don’t know how many others were involved. They can’t blow this one off as a “lone wolf” attack.

Our leaders need to start speaking the truth about what is happening in every Western country. The truth is that there is something very nasty about the so-called religion of peace. It is a violent political-religious ideology that is utterly at odds with everything a civilised society stands for.

The leaders of our nations- politicians, media and academics- have been trying to say that attack after attack has nothing to do with Islam. They pretend to be mystified by the motives of people who shout “Allahu Akbar” before blowing up/ shooting/ beheading a bunch of innocent people.

We need to recognise that multiculturalism is problematic when people come to the West in large numbers and refuse to take on board the values that actually make us what we are.

We need to recognise that the open borders policy that the EU has been promoting for so-called refugees, and which the Greens and Labor think are a wonderful plan for Australia, allow unfettered access by jihadists and terrorists.

We need to put away the stupid name calling that shuts down debate every time these things happen. Stop calling the people who criticise Islam racist or Islamophobic.

Islamic community leaders need to recognise that this is their problem. They could start by appointing a “Grand Mufti” who can actually speak English and articulate a plan or a desire to ensure that Australia is not likely to become the target of such an attack- preferably without demanding Government funding.

It’s time for us to get real about Islam. It’s time to get real about the motivations of those who perform these acts of terror. It’s time to get real about the extremists and the jihadists who seem to have free access to mosques to spread their poisonous ideas.

This is not an attack on individual Muslims. I’ve met many Muslims who are fine and wonderful people- genuine, sincere, caring, happy. The ideology of Islam is what needs to be attacked, not individual Muslims.


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