Reflection on James 1:17-27


Do not merely listen to the word of God and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.


Every good gift comes from heaven, from the Father who never changes. He is the one who chose to give us birth.

We need to be quick to listen, slow to speak and even slower to anger. We must get rid of all moral filth.

It does no good just to listen to the word- we must obey it as well. Otherwise we are like someone who after looking into a mirror forgets what he looks like.

True religion results in a controlled tongue, care for widows and orphans, and holiness of living.


Faith has to result in a change of life. We don’t need to copy what other believers do, but instead allow God to change us from the inside.

Reading Scripture and watching Bible teachers are good. But we need to let the divine word of God take root in our heart and put it into practice.

It is sad that many christian live lives that are indistinguishable in character from those of their unsaved neighbours. If we let the word of God dwell in us, then everything about us will change.


Father, please show me what you want me to change about the way I do life and grant me the grace to change. Convict me of my sin and prompt me to care for the poor and vulnerable people in my neighbourhood. Amen.


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