It’s Spring Already!


Spring generally comes early in Narrabri. Even though it’s “officially” still winter, many plants are getting right into the spring season of flowers and growth. It’s hard to believe that just a week ago I was rushing out to protect my frangipani trees from the late frosts.

Last night’s rain and the higher temperatures seem to have made every part of the garden come to life.

img_7791I forgot to plant sweetpeas this year. Well to be honest, I didn’t bother because last spring and summer were so disheartening for gardening. But the sweetpeas did not forget me! A couple of hardy plants are growing from last year’s seed.


The conditions seemed to be particularly tough on stone fruit trees. I lost my beloved peach tree and one of two plum trees. This tree is starting to bud with the promise of leaves and blossom starting to unfurl.



A bottle brush has grown next to the church fence ever since we have been here. Because of its position, hidden behind the play area, I rarely even acknowledge its existence. Today it was magnificent.


And who doesn’t love annuals at this time of the year? I love petunias because they cope so well with our extremes of heat and cold. Sometimes they keep going into their second or third year. This year there seemed to be a shortage of petunias at the nursery but dianthus are a pretty good substitute!



I wasn’t thinking about photography at all this afternoon, but I was outside when I opened my eyes and saw what was all around me and the camera called.


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