Reflection on 1 Kings 3:1-15

“I will do what you have asked. I will give you a wise and discerning heart, so that there will never have been anyone like you, nor will there ever be. Moreover, I will give you what you have not asked for- both riches and honour- so that in your lifetime you will have no equal among kings.”

Solomon makes an alliance with the Pharaoh of Egypt. He shows his love for the Lord by obeying the statues of his father David.

He goes to Gibeon to offer a sacrifice to the Lord. While there, the Lord appears to him in a dream and tells him to ask for whatever he wants. Solomon replies that he needs a discerning heart to rule the kingdom wisely.

The Lord is pleased with Solomon and promises to give him a discerning heart which he asked for and riches and honour which he did not ask for.

Solomon was already wise in acknowledging that he needed wisdom from the Lord. God granted this very selfless request and much more.

When God promises to meet our needs, He is not stingy just doling out the bare minimum to get by. He loves to grant our requests when they come from a simple humble heart. He goes far beyond what we can think to ask Him for, giving us things that we never think to request.

Jesus tells us to seek His kingdom first, then everything else will also be given to us. God’s grace is truly limitless, not bounded by what we can ask Him for.

Teach me Lord how to pray the prayers that please you. Show me your ways and I will walk in them. Amen.


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