Reflection on 2 Samuel 11:1-27


She gave birth to a son. But the Lord was displeased with what David had done.


It is spring time, and instead of leading his troops into battle against the Ammonites, David remains in Jerusalem. There he sees a beautiful woman named Bathsheba and determines to have her. He sleeps with her and she becomes pregnant.

David then tries to cover up his adultery by calling Bathsheba’s husband Uriah back to Jerusalem from the front. Being an honourable man, Uriah sleeps at the palace gate rather than going home.

David then conspires to have Uriah killed in battle. He has Bathsheba brought to the palace, but the Lord is displeased with all David has done.


David was a man after God’s heart, but he could sin as extravagantly as he worshipped.

Ancient kings were free to do anything they pleased with their subjects, but the king of Israel was subject to God’s Law as much as anyone else. David failed at this point because he stopped looking to God’s ways.

One of the temptations leaders must always fight is a sense of entitlement, This applies to ministers, political leaders and business people. The temptations can be subtle: “You deserve more,” “You work so hard to serve others”.

If we are not careful, we can easily find ourselves doing things that we would have once never dreamed we were capable of doing, and justifying to ourselves why it is acceptable.


Grant me a humble heart, Lord, and insight into the temptations that assault me. Help me to stand firm in your ways. Amen.


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