How Often Should We Celebrate Communion

John Wesley recommended that Methodists celebrate Communion as often as possible. At New Life we celebrate Communion every Sunday and some times at cell groups.

Here is a good article by Allan Bevere explaining why this is so important.


July 20th, 2015

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism (along with his brother Charles) participated in the sacrament of Holy Communion at least a couple of times a week. He told his people called Methodists that they should take Communion as often as possible. In his sermon entitled, “The Duty of Constant Communion,” Wesley gives his reasons for constant Communion as well as answering common objections to those who believed the Lord’s Supper could be celebrated too frequently. In response to one objection that I heard often growing up in the church, Wesley writes:

A Third objection against constant communion is, that it abates our reverence for the sacrament. Suppose it did? What then? Will you thence conclude that you are not to receive it constantly? This does not follow. God commands you, “Do this.” You may do it now, but will not, and, to excuse yourself say, “If I do it so often, it will abate the reverence with which I do it now.” Suppose it did; has God ever told you, that when the obeying his command abates your reverence to it, then you may disobey it? If he has, you are guiltless; if not, what you say is just nothing to the purpose. The law is clear. Either show that the lawgiver makes this exception, or you are guilty before him.

In other words, the objection is that if the Lord’s Supper is celebrated too often it will lose its meaning to which Wesley basically responds, So what? If Jesus commands us to do this often and it loses its meaning, does that allow us to break the command? But Wesley continues:

Read the full article here


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