Too Many Christians, Not Enough Lions”

If you thought the same sex “marriage” push is all about love and tolerance, then this may change your mind.

From Life Site News:


Pro-gay activists react to gay ‘marriage’ resistance: ‘Too many Christians, not enough lions’

July 14, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) — There has been no shortage of anti-Christian rhetoric from various media outlets in the fallout from the Supreme Court decision decreeing homosexual “marriage” across the country.

“Too many Christians, not enough lions,” a derisive reference capitalizing on the Christians martyred in ancient Rome, was also how one LGBT activist responded to Catholic Vote’s (CV) pro-marriage “Not Alone”video, according to CV President Brian Burch.

Released the day of theObergefell v. Hodgesdecision, the CV video logged more than 1.3 million views in the first 10 days.

“Seeing the power of our message, LGBT activists have now mounted a massive campaign to mock, ridicule, and shame us,” Burch wrote to supporters. “They have used every curse word (and more) to attack us personally. They threatened our staff with phone calls. And now some are openly calling for the persecution of Christians.”

Defaming of Christians, and Christ,continuedover atThe Huffington Post, where a column by Jules Suzdaltsev titled “Was Jesus Gay?” was picked up July 8.

“After the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on gay marriage,” the column began, “it seemed like all the proudly homophobic Christians came out of the woodwork to talk about how much they still hate gay people.”

“As a straight Jew, the homophobia amongst Jesus’s followers has always struck me as a bit of a surprise,” Suzdaltsev wrote. “Worshipping at the feet of a ripped, hung man, seems at least a little homoerotic.”

The piece went on to make derogatory comments about the crucified Lord and conservatives.

The original July 6articlecame from the websiteVice, where the author interviewed openly homosexual pastor Bob Shore-Goss, first asking whether Shore-Goss thought Jesus Christ was gay.

“I would hope he is. I would project that he is,” Shore-Goss responded. “For my own spirituality, I would love to jump into bed with Jesus. At the very least, Jesus was queer.” 

The piece then endeavoured to present biblical evidence of Jesus’s homosexuality, including asserting that St. Paul was a closeted homosexual.

Read the fill article here


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