Reflection on Romans 8:12-17


For his Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children.


We have the Spirit of God dwelling in us and therefore have no obligation to give in to sin. If we live by the flesh we will die, but if we crucify our flesh by the power of the Spirit we will live.

The Spirit confirms we are children of God. We are no longer slaves but fully adopted children, and God’s Spirit enables us to call God “Abba, Father.”

Being God’s children by adoption means we inherit with Christ everything of God’s glory. This implies we share also in Christ’s suffering.


it is an awesome privilege to be bearers of God’s Spirit. Not only does the Holy Spirit equip us to be servants of God, He assures us that we are children of God not slaves.

We are adopted into God’s family- truly sons and daughters of he King of Kings.

This means that we are heirs with Christ to the entire creation- both what is seen and what is unseen. We get a share in the infinite glory of God!


Lord, like a peasant summoned to live in the palace, I can scarcely comprehend what you intend for me. Thank you for this incalculable grace. Amen.


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