Reflection on Acts 2:1-21



No, what you see was predicted long ago by the prophet Joel.”


It is the Jewish feast of Pentecost and all the believers are together. Suddenly there is a sound like a mighty wind-storm, and something that looks like tongues of fire appears ad settles on each one.

Everyone is filled with the Holy Spirit and they begin peaking in tongues. Onlookers from around the world are amazed at the noise and the fact that they can hear the believers praising God in their own native languages.

Some mock them as being drunk, but Peter refutes this . This is the fulfilment of Joel’s prophecy that the Holy Spirit would be poured out on all people.


The Holy Spirit is the birth right of all born again believers. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are the power that makes evangelism, and all ministry, possible.

We all need a regular infilling, a “top up” of Holy Spirit power because it is so easy to take our attention away from the presence of God and focus on the things we can see.

The gift of tongues is the gateway gift to the other gifts. If we let Holy Spirit control our tongue, He has control of every part of us.

All flesh”, every true follower of Jesus, has access to the power and grace of the Holy Spirit. Call on Him today.


Holy Spirit come. Come and fill me in the same way you filled those early disciples. Empower me, equip me, overflow in me. Amen.


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