Doug Addison: Strategies to Get Healed and Out of Debt

Doug Addison gives strategy for overcoming chronic illness and financial weakness.Strategies to Get Healed and Out of Debt


Success strategy and step by step business planning as a blue pencil drawing connection lines to connect the dots on a puzzle shaped as an arrow going up as a financial metaphor for a successful planned personal project.Are you struggling with things like debt, sickness or discouragement? If you are not seeing results in a particular area of your life it is really important that you press in until you do.

It is usually the times that you are sick or down that makes it the most difficult to battle through it. I know this because I have been struggling with repeated sickness for the past two years including Lyme disease and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. But in the midst of being very sick and nearly dying in 2013, I found strength in God and contended for my healing and breakthrough.

As I write this I am still suffering from the aftermath of this horrific attack on my life. I want to share with you and take what was intended for evil against me and turn it to good. My hope and prayer is that you will gain something for yourself or someone you know.

Time to recover losses

This is a season of time that you can recover things that were stolen from you over the past seven years or more. You have to press in and contend for it! I recommend reading 1 Samuel 30 where David had lost everything and his followers were ready to kill him.

In the midst of his distress, he inquired of God and got a strategy (verse seven). He was able to recover his losses and in chapter thirty-one his life destiny radically shifted. He went from running from the enemy to ruling as King of Israel. But it was not without a battle.

Contending for your breakthrough

I was healed of Huntington’s disease and Lyme disease as well as several other things that have come against me. To be honest I did not feel like I could go on one more day. But like David, I inquired of God and got a strategy. From there I took radical steps that eventually turned things around.

God also gave me financial breakthrough strategies that got us out of a major level of debt. This is not only for physical healing but also for financial, relational and emotional restoration. It’s time to recover it all!! I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! I’m sick and tired of financial losses, debt, and setbacks.

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