Counting Dead Women- A Dangerous Campaign

Let me start by saying I abhor violence in general, murder in particular and domestic violence above all.

I am sickened by the statistic that already in 2015 35 women have been murdered in Australia, many of them by an intimate partner or ex-partner.

But surely all people murdered should count. When organisations like Destroy the Joint, ably supported by the ABC, just put up one side of the story we get a skewed picture. They deliberately muddy the waters by suggesting that all those women were victims of family violence.

The true story is this: men are much more likely to be murdered than women.

In 2006-07 the Australian Institute of Criminology reported there were 55 women murdered in Australia which is bad enough. But there were 244 men who were murdered in the same year. In other words more than 80% of murder victims were men.

Common sense tells us that if you want to make any change in any field you tackle the big figures first because a change at the margins makes a big difference. But the feminist activists just want us to look at the women who make a much smaller part of the overall violence picture.

In the particular issue of family violence, it is not just a story of men beating up women. About 1/3 of all victims of DV are men, and child killers are roughly split between men and women.

According to AIC, 78  men were killed by “Intimates” and “Family Members” compared to 37 women.

Family Violence is not a women’s issue. It is a people issue.

By putting out figures of how many women have been killed, with no context, activists risk diverting resources away from areas that would make a big difference to satisfy a narrow objective. That is always a Bad Thing.


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