Victoria Boyson: “I Saw An Army of Women!”

“Can I have One Billion Souls, Lord?”

“Kings and armies flee in haste; the women at home divide the plunder”Psalm 68:12 NIV

After I’d been praying, prophesying and believing God for revival for years, the Father asked me one day, “What kind of revival do you want?”

Knowing full-well His questions are usually leading questions, I asked Him, “Well, what kind of revival should I want, Father?”

He answered back, “Do you want a revival of souls or of miracles?”

I thought for a bit and answered, “I want a revival of souls…with a lot of miracles!”

“How many souls do you want?” He continued.

Digging deep for an answer, I remembered Evan Roberts from the historical Welsh revival asked God for 100,000 souls and he got them. So, I hesitantly answered, “Could I have 100,000 souls, Lord?”

He was silent.

I knew I had answered timidly, so I tried again. Reaching for more faith, I answered, “500,000 souls, Lord?”

Again, I heard nothing.

I knew I was not believing for enough from Him and tried again. “1,000,000 souls, Lord?” I asked sheepishly.

Again, nothing. I tried again, “5,000,000?”


Wow! I really thought I was led by faith with that last guess, so I just threw caution to the wind and declared loudly, “One-billion souls, Lord!!!”

“Now you are talking, daughter,” He answered.

Later, I questioned Him, “Lord, how could I win a billion souls?”


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