More Double Standards

The US is currently going through the legal consequences of gay marriage in litigious society. You may have heard of christian bakers and florists being hounded,bullied, fined and persecuted because they refuse to participate in gay weddings. In each case the business people involved have been happy to serve people regardless of their sexuality, but because of their faith will not provide flowers or wedding cakes that endorse an event of a gay wedding.

Lately there was outrage over a law passed in Indiana that protects the rights of religious people to not be prosecuted or sued for merely following through their beliefs. Ironically a dozen other stated have passed identical laws without the same outrage.

Some commentators have wondered about the outrage over christians refusing to participate in gay weddings (or other events for that matter). We know that Muslims share the same belief about homosexuality that christians do because just about every Muslim country in the world has banned homosexuality with some quite severe penalties.

So if a gay guy goes into a Muslim bakery and asks them to bake a cake for a gay wedding then you can expect rejection. So a guy did this several times over with a hidden camera, with the expected result. But there’s no outrage from the media, Hollywood, Discirimmation Commisars or even the gay lobby.

Do Muslims get a free pass on every issue? Or is thereal agenda of all of the leftist lobby groups just to oppose christians?


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