Jo Nova- Welcome to the CO2 Disaster

Jo Nova slices a UNSW press release pointing out despite ongoing deforestation in the tropics and “climate change” the amount of vegetation globally is increasing. They ascribe this to the scientific principle of “good luck” (that would have had you laughed out of a 1st Year physics class 30 years ago), although they do give grudging acknowledgement of the effects of increased CO2 and warmer temperatures.

Welcome to the CO2 disaster — 4 billion tons more plants, more greenery

During the recent warmest decades on record, Earth suffered under the highest CO2 levels of the last 800,000 years. Life responded to this devastating situation by — flourishing. There are now some 4 billion tons more living matter on the planet than there was in 1993. What a calamity. (And what a lot of carbon credits.)

It has, naturally, got nothing to do with warmth andaerial fertilizer. The researchers tell us it due to that force of nature known as “good luck”. Remember, human CO2 emissions were pollution that was going to afflict life on Earth. After twenty years of predicting the loss of forests and species, it turned out that biology bloomed instead. Notch up another model “success”. The press release headline:Good luck reverses global forest loss.(What else would we expect from UNSW?)

To those who know basic biology — and that almost half the dry weight of plants is carbon, sucked straight out of the air — this is not so much good luck as one entirely foreseeable and foreseenconsequence of rising CO2. Acquiring carbon is often a plant’s hardest task. When the sun comes up, a cornfield begins sucking, andby lunch timeits already got all it can get, so growth slows til night returns to pump up the CO2 levels again. Pulling out all that plant fertilizer from under Middle Eastern deserts and spreading it around where the plants could get it has a predictable effect on plant life (though it’s fair to ask if our emissionsactually contributeverymuch).

Remember in post-modern climate science, your air-conditionercauses snowstorms,but if CO2 rises and plants grow — that’s “luck”.

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