Reflection on Mark 11:1-11


Jesus entered Jerusalem and went to the temple. He looked around at everything, but since it was already late, he went out to Bethany with the Twelve.

Jesus sends two of His disciples ahead to collect a colt that is there. If anyone asks, they are to say, “The Lord needs it.”

They go and find the colt. When questioned, they repeat what Jesus had told them. They return with the colt to Jesus who rides it into the city.

As they enter the city, people throw their cloaks and branches on the road ahead of Him, and the crowds call out, “Hosanna in the highest!”

Jesus then goes to the Temple and looks at everything before returning to Bethany.

Many people claim Jesus for all kinds of selfish reasons. The crowds see Jesus as a political liberator. Many are not interested in a Saviour- they just want political independence for the Romans.

Many still claim Jesus for self-centred motives. They might be in church for social reaosns or because the music appeals to them.

These are the same people who quickly turned and called for Jesus’ crucifixion a few days later.

It’s fine and understandable to start with Jesus for the wrong reasons. True disciples move on and recognise that it’s not about me, it’s all about Jesus.

Lord show me how to follow you for your glory not my own selfish motives. Amen.


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