Kevlar Tyres!

It’s burr season in Narrabri- no it’s not cold. We have a unique ecology of plants which produce various kinds of thorny seeds which find their way into feet and tyres. Your average road bike is configured for lightness and speed, including narrow wheels and thin tyres with minimal tread. Apparently they also have some kind of magnetic device which sucks burrs from the roadside right into the wheels.

Traditionally the answer to this has been to insert rubbery goo into the inner tube which seals up small holes as they form. Unfortunately the Presta valves in high pressure tubes do not allow this to be done easily.

So last week, having had yet another puncture, I investigated puncture resistant tyres. I found these:

Schwalbe make hundreds of different tyres for almost any type of bike riding situation. Each style is given a rating for speed, friction, puncture resistance, and some for snake-bite resistance.Many, including the ones I bought, feature a solid band of a special rubber which is resistant to punctures, even a thumb tack cannot penetrate this layer.

I ordered a pair last weekend and when we got home last night discovered them waiting for me. After dinner I decided to tackle them- just  a half hour job, I thought.

After an hour of trying to wrestle the first one into submission I was ready to give up. Tim and Margaret then came to my aid. It apparently takes 3 pairs of hands to hold the tyre in place on the rim as you progressively push it on. With three of us, it only took about half an hour to do the job.

I’m hoping that they live up to the advertising. I don’t want to go through that again to fix a flat tyre that shouldn’t happen. Tim tells me that since he put his on, he hasn’t had a single puncture.

We’ll see! I won’t be aiming at any brown snakes , even if the tyres are supposed to be tough enough to stop them!


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