Great Moments in Technology

I produced my first training video today- 15 minutes of me talking about stuff that ministers need to know when conducting weddings. Riveting stuff.

Producing it was a real patience tester for me!

We bought a video camera a year ago so I thought that would do the job- except the batteries were flat and the SD card has disappeared.

Then I remembered my trusty Canon camera does pretty good video. So I set it up and found that indeed it does work well.

I recorded my thing, and came up with a 15 minute video. The phone only rang once in the middle of it, so not too bad for interruptions.

Then the technical problems started piling in on me.

The file wouldn’t download to the computer via USB. I had to remove the memory card and put it into the card reader.

I wanted to trim off some bits at the beginning and the end- you know, where I reach to the camera to turn it on and then cough because that’s always the first thing you do when you’re recording a video.

That bit took over 2 hours. I tried several programs, and not one of them would simply let me select a section and hit “delete”. One of them would let me do that but then have the sound and the video out of sync. Another program told me “I’m not going to do the sound on this one.” Grrr.

Eventually I figured it out with some help from Mr Google. But somewhere along the line I deleted the “Documents” folder on my computer. Luckily I am fanatical about weekly backups, so I only lost a few vital documents. I have got no idea how that could even have happened.

Now I had a .avi file that was over 2 GB- way too big to upload to Youtube or Vimeo (and there’s something else I had to research and make a choice about!).

It turns out that handbrake, which is brilliant for ripping DVDs is also pretty good at taking your avi file and converting it into a mp4 or similar. My 2 G file shrank to 220 MB which is slowly crawling up through the tubes to Vimeo. We seem to have really slow internet this evening- but that’s just another annoyance to overcome. 🙂

So what I thought would be a great way to deliver training was a little more complicated than I expected. The learning curve was indeed steep.

Next time I might have some space in my brain to add some captions and maybe an opening clip of some sort. For now, I’m happy to have got to the end of the project.


2 thoughts on “Great Moments in Technology

  1. I don’t use Windows so they aren’t options. Well they are, with much messing about.

    With Linux, I used openshot, pitivi and avidemuxer. I couldn’t work out how to get the desired result from any of them. The documentation on open source software can be a little sparse. But then I saw a brief youtube tutorial on doing something unrelated in pitivi and the lights turned on. Ten minutes later it was done!

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