Easy Saving Plan

I really believe that God wants His people to prosper in every part of their lives, including financially. I am not a prosperity preacher, preaching a gospel of wealth for all, but it is God’s will to see us handle well the resources we have been blessed with in order to bless others.

The first step in growing in prosperity is tithing. Ten percent of your gross income to your local church- no ifs or buts. This is not a legalistic demand but it is God’s way to releasing favour in our lives.

The second step in growing in prosperity is simply saving a small part of your income each week and establishing a pattern of saving. Here is one very doable saving plan that starts easy- everyone can find $1 or $2- but builds up as you establish that pattern of saving in your life.

If you don’t do cash, set an alarm on your phone for every week and do an internet transfer straight away.

Pro tip: put this money into a Christmas saver or other savings account where you cannot withdraw it until a set date.

So here’s the plan. It’s dead simple. Whatever the week of the year is, put that amount into your savings account. Week 1= $1, Week 2= $2 and so on. By the end of the year you will be putting away $50 a week that you din’t even know you had. Then next year get serious and keep putting away $50 every single week.



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