Reflection on Mark 13:24-37



What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch’”


Following the distress of the present age, signs will occur in the heavens. The Son of Man will come in power and glory.

Just as we tell the natural seasons from observation of the signs around us, we need to be tuned in to the spiritual seasons.

Nobody knows when these yhings will happen, but we need to be ready. Just as servants of a man who goes away are alert for his return, so we need to be ready for Christ’s return.


We are in the last days. In fact the last days have been continuing since the Day of Pentecost.

While this passage is about the actual return of Jesus, I think there is also something else being spoken of here.

We are to be constantly aware of the possibility of Jesus’ return at any minute. In other words, our concerns must be for the kingdom of God, not just our own self-interest. We need to learn to live with that sense of expectancy that Jesus could come back today or tomorrow, but not with an obsession about end-time scenarios.

Will Jesus find me doing His will? Will Jesus find me living a life of faith and obedience?


Lord please help me to walk in your ways, to live a life of faith and to be prepared for your coming. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Reflection on Mark 13:24-37

  1. Yep. Reminds me of a true story Francis Chan tells – I think about his grandmother. Anyway this lady was an amazing woman of God who basically spent her days in prayer. One day the family thought it would be nice to take Gran to a movie. During the movie she was asked if she was enjoying herself. The lady replied that actually she was quite uncomfortable. Why? She was unsure that sitting in a movie was where she wanted to be found by Jesus if he chose that moment to come back.

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