Reflection on 1 Corinthians 1:1-9



God will do this, for he is faithful to do what he says, and he has invited you into partnership with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

God has made us holy through Christ, as indeed He does for all who call on the name of Jesus Christ.

Through Christ, God has enriched us in every way. We have every spiritual gift we need. Christ will keep us safe to the end because He is faithful to do what He says.

One of the great assurances of the Christian faith is that of perseverance. God will help us to stand firm in our relationship with him right until the end of days.

Unlike Muslims who can only hope that their good deeds will be enough to get them to heaven, we have the promise of God that Christ is enough.

It is possible for us to walk away from Christ. But for the average believer who is just wanting to serve the Lord and hoping that it is enough, Christ will not let us fall away. He hold us safely in the palm of His hand.

This is good news indeed!

Thank you Lord that you do not let go. You will enable me to stand with you right through my life. Amen.


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